Elder Porphyry the Kapsokalivite Sees a Provocatively Dressed Woman

Elder Porphyry the Kapsokalivite

Elder Porphyry Bairaktaris the Kapsokalivite

Years ago, when the Elder served at the Polyclinic of Athens, while walking in the area of Omonoia one day with two girls who were his spiritual children, he saw from across the street a young woman coming with a sexy appearance. She was wearing the familiar “super mini skirt” which was fashionable. When they saw her, the Elder said: “What do you have to say? What are you thinking? Are you judging that woman?”

“No, Elder”, they responded, understanding their position.

“You do well to not judge her”, said the Elder. “Do not judge people from their outward appearance. That girl you see has a wonderful soul! She has a dynamic soul. That which she is doing now, that is, provoking, is due to the current strength of her soul. Imagine what would happen if that girl came to know Christ, and knew everything that you knew. Then she will certainly reach a high place.”

This was the way Fr. Porphyry counseled and taught. He guided through life and experience.



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