Fr. Alexander Men on Christianity as the Fulfilment of All Truth

Fr. Alexander Men

In the same way that white absorbs all the colors of the rainbow, so the Gospel encompasses the faith of the prophets, the thirst for salvation in Buddhism, the dynamism of Zarathustra and the humanity of Confucius. In consecrates the best in the ethics of the philosophers of Antiquity and the mysticism of the sages of India. In doing this, Christianity is not a new doctrine, but rather the announcement of a real fact, of an event accomplished on two levels, the terrestrial and the celestial. Happening in one place and time, it transcends temporal limits. All roads lead to it. It is by its light that the past, present, and future are evaluated and judged. Every movement towards the light of communication with God is, even if accomplished unconsciously, a movement towards Christ.

* This excerpt is from “Alexander Men: A Witness for Contemporary Russia (A Man for Our Times)” by Yves Hamant


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