Monk Thomas à Kempis on the Hypocrisy of Judging Others

Monk Thomas à Kempis

Study to be patient in bearing the defects of others, and their infirmities, be they what they may; for thou hast many things, which others must bear withal.

If thou canst not make thyself what thou wouldst be, how canst thou expect to have another so exactly to thy mind?

We would fain to see other perfect, and yet our own faults we amend not.

We would have others strictly corrected, and we will not be corrected ourselves.

The large liberty others take displeaseth us and yet we ourselves will not be denied anything we ask for.

We wish others to be kept within the rules, and we ourselves will not bear to be checked ever so little.

And so it is clear how seldom we weigh our neighbour in the same balance with ourselves.

If all were perfect, what then should we have to bear with from others for the love of God?

But now God hath thus ordered it, that we may learn  to bear one another’s burdens; for no one is without a fault, no one but hath a burden; no one is sufficient for himself, no one is wise enough for himself: but we have to support one another, comfort one another, help, instruct and admonish one another.

* This excerpt is from “The Imitation of Christ” by Thomas à Kempis


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