Metropolitan Sotirios of Toronto on Man’s Lust for Power & Authority

Metropolitan Sotirios Athanassoulas of Toronto

Man was created by God according to ‘His image’ and ‘His likeness’. In fact, being created according to God’s image bestows upon humanity his or her ability to act independently and without force.  In other words, man has the freedom to use his independence and authority as he chooses to do so.
Every person seeks to gain control and authority from a position of power and strength.  He is never satisfied with the authority and the power given to him by God.  He constantly tries to usurp the power of other people as well, and to impose his will over them. This desire to impose one’s will and to control others is the continuation of  the original sin, where one always wishes to put his selfish interests above and beyond all. This is egotism at its worst.  Man tries to place himself above all others and, if possible, even above God!  This is exactly what the first-created beings, Adam and Eve, tried to do in Paradise.

* This excerpt is from “Encyclical of His Eminence Metropolitan Sotirios for the Ecclesiastical New Year: 2010”


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