Saint Nicodemus of the Holy Mountain on Pilgrimages and Piety in Church

St. Nicodemus of the Holy Mountain

I know that many of you Christians think it’s a great blessing and cause for boasting to go to Jerusalem and reverently and compunctionately venerate the holy pilgrimage sites there, namely, the Life-receiving Tomb of the Lord, holy Golgotha, sacred Bethlehem, and the rest. Many of you travel to far away places, toiling over land and sea, in order to piously venerate the sacred relics of many Saints…Indeed, such a reverent pilgrimage and piety and journey is good and praiseworthy. But should you not have, brothers, if not greater piety, at least the same amount of piety and reverence, when you go to and attend the Church of Christ, where all of the pilgrimage sites found at Jerusalem are present symbolically? Should you not show the same compunction and good order and respect when you attend the dread and divine Liturgy at which you find present, not the relic of such and such a Saint, but the very life-giving and divine and wholly-undefiled body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy of Holies?

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