Saint Maximus the Confessor on Living the Gospel’s Miracles

St. Maximus the Confessor

The one who is a simple believer according to the Gospel moves the mountain of his wickedness through practice, rejecting for himself from the unstable course of sensible things the former disposition based on them. The one who is capable of being a disciple receives in his hands from the Word the fragments of the loaves of knowledge and nourishes thousands of people, showing that by practice the power of the word is multiplied. The one who has received the strength of being an apostle heals every sickness and weakness by expelling demons, that is, by putting to flight the activity of the passions, in caring for the sick, in recalling to a habit of devotion by words of hope those who are deprived of it, and in converting by the word of judgement those who have been weakened by laziness. For extorted to crush underfoot both serpents and scorpions, he obliterates the beginning and end of sin.

* This excerpt is from “Maximus Confessor: Selected Writings” translated by George C. Berthold


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