Saint Justin Popovich on the Difficulty of Overcoming Sin and Evil

St. Justin Popovich of Chelije

In our human world, sin appears as a characterless power, just as evil does. From this many have an impetuous belief that it is easy to conquer sin and evil. But when man takes on this task, he immediately sees how sin is a frightening power, behind which stands something stronger than it. When the root of sin, every sin, is seriously analyzed, the results show that any sin will lead us to its root – to the devil. That is why, behind every evil hides the evil one: ὁ πουηρός = the wicked one. When somebody seriously battles with his own sins, he realizes that he cannot defeat them without the help of the Sinless One – especially if he is warring with many sins, because he has warred with their creator, defender, and apologist: with the devil. Only through Christ, does man become all-powerful in the battle against sin and the devil.

* This excerpt is from “Commentary on the Epistles of St. John the Theologian” by St. Justin Popovich


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