Metropolitan Augustine Kantiotis of Florina on Despair

Bishop Augustine Kantiotis of Florina

Metropolitan Augustine Kantiotis

Our Church offers the life of Saint Mary of Egypt as an excellent example of repentance. No other man or woman must despair, no matter how many sins they have committed and say that there is no salvation for me. No! There is a way of salvation for all sinners; it is the way which leads to Golgotha, to the Cross of our Lord. One drop of His blood suffices to erase and extinguish all sins. If the cross was not risen we sinners would be in despair. Not now, however.  Let us approach the Crucified One. Let us kiss His immaculate feet. Let us sprinkle them with our tears, as did Mary of Egypt. Our conviction is what the Gospel says, that Christ came to be sacrificed and with His precious blood to redeem the world (1 John 1:17). Grace defeats sin.

* Επίσκοπος Αυγουστίνος Καντιώτης


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