A Conversation between Saint Silvanus the Athonite and a Hermit on Hell

St. Silvanus the Athonite

St. Silvanus the Athonite

A hermit “declared with evident satisfaction that ‘God will punish all atheists. They will burn in everlasting fire.'”

Obviously upset, the Staretz [Silvanus] said:
“Tell me, supposing you went to paradise, and there you looked down and saw someone burning in hell-fire—would you feel happy?”

“It can’t be helped. It would be their own fault,” said the hermit.

The Staretz [Silvanus] answered him in a sorrowful countenance. “Love could not bear that,” he said. “We must pray for all.”

* This excerpt is from “The Monk of Mount Athos” by Elder Sophronius Sakharov


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