Saint Nicholas Cabasilas on Frequent Communion

St. Nicholas Cabasilas

St. Nicholas Cabasilas

The Bread which truly strengthens the heart of man will obtain this for us; it will enkindle in us ardor for contemplation, destroying the torpor that weighs down our soul; it is the Bread which has come down from heaven to bring Life; it is the Bread that we must seek in every way. We must be continually occupied with this Eucharistic banquet lest we suffer famine. We must guard against allowing our soul to grow anemic and sickly, keeping away from this food under the pretext of reverence for the sacrament. On the contrary, after telling our sins to the priest, we must drink of the expiating Blood.

* This excerpt is from “The Life in Christ” by St. Nicholas Cabasilas


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