List of the canonized New Martyrs who suffered under the Turkish Yoke

New Martyrs Stamatius, Nicholas and John of Spetsa

New Martyrs Stamatius, Nicholas and John of Spetsa

The following martyrs are all canonized saints in the Orthodox Christian Church.

Fifteenth Century

Ephraim the New of Nea-Makri


Peter the Priest

Raphael, Nicholas, and Irene of Lesbos

Andrew Argentes

Nimat the Young

John the Merchant

George the Soldier

Michael Mavroeides

Arsenius the Metropolitan Verroia

Sixteenth Century

Malachi the Son of a Priest

George the Goldsmith

James the Shepherd, his disciples James, and Dennis/Dionysius

Gabriel and Cyrmidoles

John the Tailor

Macarius the Monk, Disciple of Patriarch Niphon

Joasaph the Monk, Disciple of Patriarch Niphon

Michael the Bread-seller

Nicodemus the Monk

Nicholas the Pedller

Theophan the Monk

Demetrius Tornaras

John Koulikas

Ducas the Tailor

Cyril the Tanner

Damian the Monk

John the Cabinetmaker

Philothea the Nun of Athens

Macarius the Tailor

Seventeenth Century

Seraphim the Archbishop of Phanarion and Neochorion

Amir Hodja the Soldier

Nicholas the Baker’s Assistant


Theophilus the Sailor

Mark the Student

Jordan the Coppersmith

John the Apprentice Tailor

Simeon the Goldsmith

Athanasius the Hieromonk

Anastasius the Artist

Nicholas Karamanos

Parthenius III the Patriarch of Constantinople

Demetrius the Son of a Priest

Parascevas from Trebizond

Gabriel II the Patriarch of Constantinople

Gabriel the Archbishop of Pec

John the Romanian Nobleman

Christos the Boatman

John the Boatman

Athanasius the Community Leader

Nicholas the Grocer

Gabriel the Deacon

Cyprian the Hieromonk

Triandaphyllus the Sailor

Stamatius the Community Leader

Angel the Father and Goldsmith

Damascene the Monk from Constantinople

Ahmed the Muslim Deftedar

Paul the Russian Slave

Zechariah the Metropolitan of Corinth

Elijah the Barber

Joseph from Aleppo

Apostle the Bartender

Theodore from Orphrynion

George the Tailor

Roman the Pilgrim

Roman the Priest

Eighteenth Century

Athanasius fro Attaleia

Prince Constantine Brancoveanu and his sons Constantine, Stephen, Radu, Matthew, and his counselor Joannicius

Anthimus the Metropolitan Wallachia

Auxentius the Furrier

Argyre the Faithful Wife

Nicodemus the Father

Sabbas the Merchant

Pachomius the Tanner

Nicetas the Teenager

Nicholas from the Parish of Marmaron

Constantine the Chaplain

Anastasius the Priest

Christos the Gardener

Elijah the Son of the Priest

Anastasius the Farmer

Kyranna the Maiden

George the Consulate Employee

Nicholas the Builder

Cosmas the Monks

Demus the Builder

Aquilina the Maiden

Panagiotis of Caesarea

George the Slave

Damascene the Hieromonk

Nicholas the Priest

Michael Paknanas the Gardener

Michael Vourliotes the Coppersmith

John the Teenage Son of a Priest

Anthony the Laborer

Athanasius the Student

Peter from Tripolis

Christodoulus the Tailor

Anastasius from Ankyra

Cosmas the Hieromonk

Zechariah the Fourier

Demetrius the Bartender

Theodore Hatzi the Father

John the Teenager

Emmanuel the Slave

Methodius the Bishop of Lampes

Myron the Tailor

Alexander the Dervish

Demetrius (Mitros) the Vali

Anastasius the Clerk

Polydorus the Merchant

George Hatzi the Sandalmaker

Theodore the Artist

Chryse the Maiden

Nicholas the Shepherd

George the Priest

Helen Bakiaris the Teenager

Nineteenth Century

Constantine the Servant

George the Father

Mark from Smyrna

Demetrius the Merchant

Luke the Assistant Clerk

Lazarus the Bulgarian Shepherd

John the Goldsmith

Zechariah the Hieromonk

John the Shoemaker

Demetrius the Builder

Hilarion the Clerk and Monk

Argyres the Tailor

George the Seaman

Demetrius the Vlach

Nicetas the Hieromonk

Procopius the Monk

John the Farmer

Gerasimus the Servant

David the Monk

Angel the Physician

Euthymius the Student

John the Former-Muslim

Ignatius the Monk

Paisius the Igumen, his brother Demetrius, Habakkuk the Deacon and others martyred with them.

Acacius the Shoemaker and Monk

Anastasius and Demetrius the Basket-weavers

Onuphrius the Monk

Dennis/Dionysius, monk of Vatopedi

Gennadius the Hieromonk

Christopher from Adrianople

Agathangelus the Sailor

George Laskaris the Teacher

Paul the Sandal-maker

Gideon the Clerk and Monk

Athanasius the Servant

Constantine the Former-Muslim

Joseph the Artist

Nectarius the Camel Attendant

Triandaphyllus the Husband

Solomon the Presbyter

Gregory V the Patriarch of Constantinople

Paul the Hieromonk

John, Stamatius and Nicholas the Albanian Merchants

George from Attaleia

Angel, George, Emmanuel, and Nicholas the Crypto-Christians

Mary Methymopoulos the Maiden

Emmanuel, Theodore, George, Michael and George from Samothrake

Lamprus of Makre

George the Groom

Panagiotis the Servant

Demetrius from Sliven

Athanasius the Monk, Slave and Aga

Joseph the Presbyter

George the Son of a Priest

Adrian of Nicomedia

Twentieth Century

Chrysostom, Metropolitan of Smyrna

This list was compiled mostly with the help of the book “Witnesses for Christ” by Nomikos Vaporis


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