The Martyrdom of Saints Paisius the Abbot and Habakkuk the Deacon of Belgrade

New Hieromartyr Habakkuk the Deacon of Belgrade

New Hieromartyr Habakkuk the Deacon of Belgrade

Paisius was abbot of the Travna Monastery near Cacak is Serbia, and Habakkuk was his companion and deacon. As Christians, both were impaled on stakes by the Turks on Kalemegdan in Belgrade December 17, 1814. Carryings his stake through the streets of Belgrade, the courageous Habakkuk sang. When his mother begged him with tears to embrace Islam in order to save his life, this wonderful soldier of Christ replied to her: “My mother, thank you for your milk, but for your council I thank you not; A Serb is Christ’s; he rejoices in death.”

* This story is from “The Prologue of Ohrid” by St. Nicholas Velimirovic


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